Our artists

Mel Botes

In the early 90’s, Mel hit the spotlight with his four-part rock opera, David’s Confession.

Mel’s music reflects his passion and creativity. He also played organ and he could read music at the age of 1. His first Afrikaans album, Oomblik van Waansin, is deeply personal and a lyrical chronicle of his own journey.


This band is one of South Africa’s most promising music groups and was formed in 2008 by long-time friends.

Marcato is known for their energetic live performances and diverse musical styles. The band was started by Ben van Zyl, Pieter Smit, Euan Nel, Jerry Spangenberg & Erik Swart and they are passionate about making music that matters.

1925 Band

The band was formed in 2011 by the Gericke brothers, Reno Gericke, Jeff Gericke & David-Lee Gericke.

Their debut album, Horizon, launched in 2014, and brought a fresh new sound to audiences. The album featured 8 original tracks. In 2016, they composed the theme song of the Afrikaans movie “Eintlik Nogal Baie” and it was launched on Bok Radio.

Tanja Storm

Singer, songwriter, musician, artist. “Music is not just a passion; it is part of me – it is part of who I am.”

This active artist can be seen in performances in various shows, festivals, weddings and exclusive events. She has played the piano since the age of seven, and competed in both music and modern dancing. She started performing in bands in 1999.